15 things about online marketing from the Klain Agency

Photo source: freepik.com When it comes to online marketing, new developments appear every day. As a marketer, it is your duty to be aware of these and apply them to achieve the desired results. The Klain team consists of specialists for each individual service, their objective being the generation of business for their clients. Valentin […]

Marketing for grandparents: marketing made easy

Photo source: freepik.com I think I will never forget the moment when my grandfather, like any other retired grandad with the fruits of his labor already gathered from the garden, got angry every time his favorite bedtime show was interrupted by a commercial: “What’s with all the ads? These guys only advertise products that don’t […]

15 marketing strategies employed by Klain

Photo source: Freepik.com The field of online marketing is constantly evolving, with numerous changes occurring every year. The tools, methods and digital platforms vary depending on market conditions and the business segments they are applied to. An experienced marketing agency recognizes these aspects and develops marketing strategies based on them. With over 15 years of […]

Factors that affect your marketing performance

Photo source: pixabay.com Considering our past articles, where we defined the meaning of marketing performance and the different ways of creating marketing strategies that perform well, it would be now useful to discuss the factors that can affect your marketing performance. Thus, the main points that we consider when we talk about high-performing campaigns and […]

Who are the social media influencers?

Photo source: freepik.com Social media is permanently growing due to the number of users, thus becoming the fourth power of a state. The percentage of those who choose the online environment, and especially social media, as their primary source of information, is increasing significantly, due to its advantages. The content is accessible and very diverse […]

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

Photo source: freepik.com Simply put, affiliate marketing is a marketing tactic where you can generate sales with the help of people who want to make money in their spare time. The first affiliate program was developed by Amazon in 2009, and since then numerous platforms that connect advertisers and affiliates for mutual gain have been […]

Short-term versus long-term marketing strategy

Photo Source: freepik.com Working with companies that operate in a variety of industries, we have the opportunity to interact with different people. However, they all have one thing in common, namely their desire to generate business and to perform exceptionally well in everything they do. To obtain the wanted results, a vital element should be […]

Instagram best practices guide for entrepreneurs

Photo source: freepik.com Instagram was launched in 2012 and, from the very beginning, it goal was to facilitate the distribution of visual content. Nowadays, consumers use Instagram as a source of inspiration and to discover interesting new things, including brands that have an active presence on the platform. Statistically speaking, more than 1 billion consumers […]