15 marketing strategies employed by Klain

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The field of online marketing is constantly evolving, with numerous changes occurring every year. The tools, methods and digital platforms vary depending on market conditions and the business segments they are applied to. An experienced marketing agency recognizes these aspects and develops marketing strategies based on them.

With over 15 years of experience in online marketing, Klain meets the needs of businesses from different industries through intelligent data-driven campaigns. These campaigns are based on proven marketing strategies that have delivered practical results in terms of brand awareness, engagement, and lead generation.

Valentin Bolboacă, the manager of Klain, explains the methodology applied by the company: “When implementing digital strategies, several aspects need to be considered, such as the company’s profile, market characteristics, target audience traits, and, last but not least, its business needs. At Klain, we take all these factors into account, identifying effective mechanisms for developing an effective online presence and implementing them accordingly. Thus, we have identified a series of strategies that have been proven to be productive over time and have brought success to our clients.”

In this article, we will present some of these strategies.


  1. Content marketing strategies

In marketing, there is a well-known expression that says “content is king”. Klain can confirm the accuracy of this statement, utilizing relevant content in various forms in order to achieve its objectives. From social media posts to blog articles, advertorials, website and PPC campaign texts, the agency uses relevant content to reach specific audiences and prompt them to undertake the desired actions.


  1. Lead generation

Obtaining leads is one of the most important goals of online marketing, and there are multiple ways to achieve it. Providing informative resources relevant for the target audience in exchange for contact information is just one of the mechanism employed by Klain. This initiative highlights the professionalism of the company and paves the way for productive collaborations with potential clients.


  1. Segmentation of PPC campaigns

PPC campaigns are one of the most effective forms of online promotion, where a brand pays only for concrete results, in this case for the click on a sponsored link. To increase their productivity and relevance of the obtained results, Klain ensures the segmentation of each campaign based on various criteria, such as business needs, target audience characteristics, and market traits.


  1. SEO strategies

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving website traffic, visibility and search engine rankings. It includes practices such as optimizing website pages (content, meta tags, titles, and so on) and obtaining external backlinks from websites with high domain authority. Klain leverages all these tactics in order to increase the online relevance of a brand.


  1. Partnerships with related brands

The nature of online marketing is one of interconnectivity, the domain being closely linked to other segments and benefitting from auxiliary services. Klain recognizes this and forms partnerships with businesses that support the consolidation of a brand. These collaborations include firms offering intellectual property services (trademark registration), public relations, printing and photo/video services.


  1. Segmentation of email marketing databases

Depending on the business profile, email marketing campaigns can respresent one of the most important techniques in the online environment. However, in order for them to be effective, database segmentation based on recipient profiles is necessary. Among the factors considered in this segmentation process we find the status of the recipient (potential or existing client), its interest in specific products or services, demographic characteristics, and industries. Klain applies these segmentation techniques to enhance campaign effectiveness.


  1. Initial marketing analysis

In addition to the comprehensive audit services offered by Klain, the agency supplies an initial marketing analysis, which involves a brief examination of Google trends, PPC campaigns, market, competitors and more. This initial analysis is free and aims to provide clients with an overview of their online business and serve as an introduction to the agency’s comprehensive audit.


  1. CSR campaigns

In a profit-driven world where businesses are increasingly detached from the societies they belong to, Klain strives to allocate a portion of its time and expertise to the community. One of the most important initiatives of this kind was the “Donate a Website” campaign, through which the agency provided free website development services for two registered NGOs. Klain plans to continue such initiatives in the future, offering its knowledge to nonprofit organizations.


  1. Brand awareness

Increasing brand awareness is one of the main objectives in digital marketing, and there are numerous tools, techniques and platforms that can be used to achieve it. The agency evaluates all these aspects, tailoring them to the client’s profile and developing brand awareness campaigns. Although these campaigns may not directly increase sales, they help to attract more customers by enhancing visibility and building trust.


  1. Market research

In online marketing, data is one of the most important resources for developing successful strategies and campaigns. In addition to the online analyses and tools used by Klain, the company also conducts market research in order to gather consumer feedback for services or products. This information is valuable for businesses that aim to improve service quality and meet consumer needs through online communication efforts.


  1. Involvement in business communities

Klain is actively involved in multiple online and offline communities, both within their field of expertise and related areas, actively contributing to the progress of these communities and offering free support for online marketing needs. Additionally, the team members participate in numerous events, which help develop their professional expertise and establish partnerships with businesses offering auxiliary services.


  1. Marketing audit

The importance of a comprehensive marketing audit is often overlooked by companies operating in this field. Valentin Bolboacă explains their efficacy and development process: “In the initial phase of each partnership, we recommend to every client to follow a complete process, which includes a marketing audit. This involves a detailed analysis of numerous factors such as the market, competitors, target audience and client. Only based on this audit can a successful strategy be developed. However, many agencies in our industry choose to skip this step because it doesn’t provide immediate results.”


  1. Bimonthly evaluation

Tracking the progress of a project is essential for evaluating results and making decisions for improvement. Klain organizes bimonthly meetings with all members involved in a project, assessing its status and determining the necessary actions for its development.


  1. Activity monitoring

In addition to progress meetings, the agency constantly monitors the results of campaigns and the impact of online communication. Whether we are talking about tracking website traffic, number of clicks on PPC campaigns, collected leads or social media reach, Klain includes all this information in a monthly report, which serves as a basis for determining future actions.


  1. Blending data with creativity

Klain continuously emphasizes that online marketing cannot rely solely on creativity or data alone. To ensure success in this environment, these two resources must be combined, supporting each other and forming the foundation for any action. For each project, the agency utilizes relevant data and applies their creative expertise to build successful digital campaigns.

These are the 15 main online marketing strategies used by Klain in their 15 years of activity. They have been instrumental for the introduction of companies in the digital environment and achieving business objectives through this medium. If you are considering taking your business online, the agency is ready to work with you to determine the methods of applying these strategies and developing personalized actions that can contribute to its growth.

Klain is a digital marketing agency from Cluj-Napoca with over 15 years of experience in the online environment. Throughout this period, we have worked with businesses from various industries, ranging from IT and construction to retail, eCommerce and HoReCa. Combining creative ideas and analytical data, we develop and implement strategies focused primarily on results.