Who are the social media influencers?

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Social media is permanently growing due to the number of users, thus becoming the fourth power of a state. The percentage of those who choose the online environment, and especially social media, as their primary source of information, is increasing significantly, due to its advantages. The content is accessible and very diverse and can be obtained through documented articles, reviews, quizzes, discussions, and comments delivered as text, image, infographic or video. Moreover, the information reaches the user through a large number of devices, such as smartphones, tablets, desktops or laptops.

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What is an influencer and what do they do?

The term influencer or the concept of influencer marketing is familiar to marketers, but less known to the general public. It became popular with the development of brand strategies whose results show that users are more willing to purchase a product if it is recommended by someone. Thus, the influencer is an active person in the online environment who establishes a community of followers and develops the power to influence certain potential customers, thanks to the informational content distributed and consumed by their audience.

Whether we are talking about nutrition and health, fashion or travel, influencers are active in a variety of fields. Most of the time they operate in one field or in several related fields, but it is impossible to be a complete influencer, since you cannot inform the public about all existing topics.


Who are the Romanian social media influencers?

In Romania, those who have achieved the status of influencers are specialists, ordinary people and celebrities. Specialists have extensive expertise in a certain field and are able to influence the public as they issue informed opinions, based on reliable informational support. Ordinary people gain popularity in social media because of their potential to think and manifest distinctly about one or more concepts. Celebrities are liked by a significant number of users because of their reputation and charisma.


The communication channels used by Romanian influencers are Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and personal blogs. Using multiple channels or even all of the mentioned ones can offer increased visibility and popularity. Brands become interested in certain categories of influencers, many of whom are offered the opportunity to become the face of the brand or product, or to develop important projects. Thus, influencers no longer look at platforms as simple social media accounts, but head towards the business area, making their passion a source of income and their name a personal brand.


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