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Audit Marketing • Digital Strategy • Analysis and Monitoring • Client Support

Both at the beginning of a project and during its development and implementation, marketing consulting plays a fundamental role. Both at the beginning of a project and during its development and implementation, marketing consulting plays a fundamental role. The building of a holistic strategy, as well as the fulfillment of the online business objectives, are based on complex planning, supported by the marketing consultancy. Moreover, constant monitoring of the established directions and the results obtained ensures the success of your company in the digital environment.

Analysis • Planning • Implementation • Monitoring

Direction? Costs? Competitors? Results? If you want to control all the aspects of your business communication, you need a well-developed online strategy, tailored to your needs and focused on results. Through it you can identify in which communication channels to be present and how to reach your customers. A digital strategy helps you optimize costs and budgets, get to know your competitors, find out the market direction and understand the behavior of your target group.

Logo • Brand • Webdesign • Digital Graphics

Develop your business identity and differentiate yourself from competitors through our branding services. A strong brand means more than just a logo. It highlights the mission and core values of your company and lays the foundation for each interaction with your customers or employees.  In other words, the brand builds and maintains your reputation, influencing the consumer experience and his purchasing decisions. Choose our branding services if you want to take a professional approach to the target market, if you want a website with personalized graphics and if you want to benefit from graphic materials that represent you.

WordPress • PrestaShop • WooCommerce • Magento

Being present in the online environment is no longer something optional. Whether you are looking for a presentation site or an online shop, we develop customized platforms to your business needs, based on a market analysis. Get closer to your customers and provide them with real-time access to information about your products and services. The costs of implementation and maintenance are low, thus guaranteeing you an accessible way of promotion, with a strong and efficient impact.

SEO • PPC • Content • Social Media • Blog • Email • Analytics

Quality marketing should play an important role in your company’s development strategy. Based on this, we use online marketing tactics that turn your potential customers turn into real clients. We use online marketing tactics to make your brand known, so that your potential customers turn into real customers. To this end, we adapt your online communication to different environments in order to maximize conversions and achieve the desired results.

Blog Posts • Infographics • Communication messages • Website content

In 1996, Bill Gates wrote an essay entitled “Content is king”, a phrase that still applies in today’s world of digital marketing. Whether we’re talking about blog posts, website texts, social media messages or others, relevant content brings various direct and indirect benefits to your business, including: growing brand awareness, increasing sales and customer retention.

Facebook • Instagram • Youtube • Twitter • Pinterest • LinkedIn

Used originally as a simple platform to facilitate communication between people, Social Media has now become an instrument utilised by an impressive number of businesses, regardless of their size or field of activity. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter improve the interaction with the consumers, providing the opportunity to turn them into customers.

PPC Campaigns

Google Ads • Facebook Ads • Instagram Ads • LinkedIn Ads

PPC campaigns increase the profitability of your business, because of their accurate targeting mechanisms and advantageous payment system (only by click). We run effective campaigns on Google, Facebook and Instagram helping you to reach your goals. We use remarketing as a way to keep the customer in touch with your brand and encourage him to take an action.

Search • Display • Remarketing

Google Ads is one of the most effective methods of online advertising. It allows you to create different types of ads (text, image, video), choosing your display destinations, keywords, campaign budget, and more. Their results are displayed in real time and you can effectively measure the impact of each campaign: orders placed, quotes requested or phone calls.

Brand Awareness • Traffic • Conversions

With Facebook Ads you can create multiple types of ads in accordance with your goals: traffic, leads, engagement, conversions or app installs. Moreover, you can retarget the people interested in your business, thus saving important resources and optimizing your budgets. Facebook Ads is one of the most accessible methods of advertising, which offers visible and measurable results, relative to the initial investment.

Optimisation • Implementation • Tracking

Position yourself in the top results on Google based on keywords relevant to your customers. We optimize your site by using current SEO mechanisms in order to generate the desired sales. Moreover, you benefit from a long-term customer flow generated by low online advertising costs.

Mailchimp • Newsletter

Due to its personal character, email marketing is an effective customer loyalty tool, frequently used by established brands. Through it, consumers have access to the latest information regarding the products and services that you offer. By complying with the GDPR rules, email marketing campaigns can be successfully integrated into your communication strategy.


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