15 things about online marketing from the Klain Agency

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When it comes to online marketing, new developments appear every day. As a marketer, it is your duty to be aware of these and apply them to achieve the desired results. The Klain team consists of specialists for each individual service, their objective being the generation of business for their clients.

Valentin Bolboacă, Klain manager, explains this aspect in detail: “As a marketing agency, our goal is to generate results for our clients based on the objectives defined with them at the beginning of the partnership. The entrepreneurs we meet know that online marketing has become an indispensable element in the success of their companies and that marketing is one of the most important services they opt for. The budget allocated in this direction are on an upward trend from one year to the next, and  thus the challenges are getting bigger for us, but in each case we accept them with determination”.

Based on our 15 years of experience and numerous successful projects, we identified 15 main aspects about online marketing.

  1. In marketing we need audits

One of the most important stages of online marketing is the audit, as it underpins everything that follows in the strategy and implementation stages. Its purpose is to define the “present” of the company in terms of its online standing and its positioning in the market. In collaboration with an agency, a complex analysis of the market is done, as well as the client, its competitors and target audience. Subsequently, everything that the business has achieved is explored from the perspective of specialists, and this becomes the overall picture on the basis of which strategies are crystallized.

  1. Generating results cannot happen without a strategy

Marketing analysis also serves as a tool for developing a strategy. The strategic steps are entirely based on the results identified in the previous stage, and the achievement of the objectives is only done if the analysis is taken into account. The development of a strategy is a necessary process, that must be done clearly and carefully, in order to reach the desired objectives.

  1. Branding or how the public knows you online

“What is people’s perception of us?” is a basic question that companies must answer through actions supported by branding.

What are the elements by which your target audience recognizes you? Whether we are talking about the name, logo, website, colors, slogan – all these aspects create the company’s brand. It is important that a unique image exists from the establishment of the company, but it is never too late to start the branding process. This ensures that you are not just another business in your field, but that you position yourself as a real benchmark.

One advantage offered by Klain is the significant support in this direction for its customers. The agency can also mediate the process of trademark registration, logo design and other elements, with the help of its partners.

  1. Website or how to have a 24/7 shop

From the perspective of consumers, we like the idea of ​​being just a click away from the solutions to our needs. Thus, any business can only win when it uses the Internet in its favor: to be wherever (and whenever) the potential customer is looking for it.

In this sense, the website is an alternative form of a non-stop business, being accessible to the customer at any time. Accessing a website is an experience that determines several processes necessary for the sale: information, knowing the company, selecting the services or products, the actual contact and closing the sale.

  1. All marketers tell stories

In essence, marketing is the process of generating business through the intelligent use of an important human trait: communication. A business can offer the best solutions, but if its story is not told beautifully, in line with its personality and directed to those who matter, it will not be successful in the market. Persuasive messages, applied within well-thought-out promotional strategies, make the difference between competitors. Thus, content marketing and copy are the most frequent and effective actions encountered in this field.

  1. In marketing you need maps

To get where you want to go, you need to have a “map” of the process you are about to undertake. The communication plan, as well as the editorial, content and PPC campaign plans are just a few examples of maps that must be followed step by step, so that the destination, i.e. the real business results, is reached. For the best possible application of the entire marketing strategy, the plan must target both the short term, that is a couple of months, and the medium and long term.

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  1. Be active on social media

Many times, the entrepreneurs are not convinced that their presence on social media would be relevant. However, the recommendation from the specialists is to be active as a business where your audience is, meaning those platforms where people spend a lot of time. It is therefore important to consider the audience: if you are addressing young people, the targeting is towards TikTok, and if we are talking about a more mature segment, Facebook should be your choice. Actions should be done according to the audience and the support that marketers can give in this area of ​​specialization.

  1. Adapt your visual content

In a world that is constantly changing, the content created must be adapted to the current trends, but also to the communication platform. Currently, the most appreciated type of posts by potential consumers are videos (short videos, reels), followed by images and then text. However, there are cases where the situation is different, depending on the specifics of the business or the community, but the visual aspect takes precedence.

  1. The customer is a “phone” away

Most consumers are a phone away. That does not mean calls or messages, but the fact that people access the Internet mainly through a mobile device. What does this imply for marketing? The fact that whatever type of content you prepare, it must be mobile friendly. One of the most important aspects is the website itself, which is often designed for a desktop, thus the mobile version being neglected. This is a big disadvantage, as it is necessary to prioritize mobile adaptation.

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  1. 10. Marketing consulting is a useful service

Valentin Bolboacă also gives us an explanation of this aspect: “We often come across requests strictly for our marketing consulting service. There are companies that come to us and have internal marketing departments, but they need new, fresh perspectives from specialists. Brands often choose to collaborate with freelancers or agencies for various services, in order to outsource their processes. We have clients that we guide in this process, and they do the implementation part, even if they are not specialists. Nevertheless they do a good job because they take into account our recommendations and indications”.

  1. PPC generates immediate results

PPC (Pay-per-click) campaigns, whether in Google Ads, Facebook Ads or other platforms, are paid campaigns that have clearly defined goals and objectives. From the concept stage, marketers know what they want to achieve with their implementation, who they are targeting and what is the budget. The results are seen immediately and this type of service is very popular.

  1. The presence on other sites is valuable

In the complex online world, it is important that the presence of the business is felt outside of its own website. Mentions and referrals coming from other sites and platforms increase your brand’s popularity. This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes in, which helps to increase the relevance of your website in search engines and gives it more credibility by placing it at the top of organic search results.

  1. Data analysis and results tracking should not be neglected

At the end of a set time frame, clients receive reports from the agency on the actions taken. If implementation is not analyzed and turned into data and statistics, future decisions will suffer. Strategy is not only a forward looking process, but is based on the hindsight and analysis from the specialists. The purpose of interpretation is optimization, and this is the only way to achieve your objectives.

  1. Influencer marketing

The knowledge about influencer marketing is sometimes limited. Questions often arise about what an influencer is and what its contribution can be in marketing.

Influencers are content creators and public figures who are popular in a certain field. Through their online activity, they have amassed a large community, comprised of people are interested or feel inspired by their activity. For marketing and advertising agencies, they can be a valuable resource. They can mediate the buying process by bringing products and services in front of potential consumers with presentations made in their style and for their specific audience.

“At a national level, there is a growing interest from companies regarding the implementation of influencer marketing campaigns. Companies allocate significant budgets for such actions, much higher compared to previous years. The most important aspect in the whole process is not simply contacting an influencer with a large community, but choosing the most suitable one for your campaign. The influencer needs to be authentic, put his personal stamp on the content created, be responsible online and have a strong community of followers”, explains Larisa Mureșan, Account Manager for Klain.

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  1. Email marketing

Even if it seems like the most outdated form of communication, and the reluctance of entrepreneurs is still present when it comes to email marketing, the reality is different. Email marketing can be one of the most profitable strategies. As a business, you can deliver relevant information through a newsletter and close sales through commercial emails sent to a contact base that has voluntarily chosen to receive messages from you. As old school as it sounds, email marketing delivers results.


Online marketing is the area in which we specialize as an agency. For 15 years, we have undertaken successful projects in which the work process is structured, clearly delineated and constantly optimized, thus generating real results. If you want to take your business online, contact us and learn more about the services we offer.