15 years of Klain, the digital marketing agency from Cluj-Napoca

Klain is a marketing agency based in Cluj-Napoca comprised of dynamic, proactive, responsible and results-oriented members, that all possess a strategic thinking. Our focus is achieving real results for businesses operating in various industries, following four main stages: analysis, strategy, implementation, and monitoring. Recently, the agency celebrated its 15th anniversary, this occasion representing a great […]

15 things about online marketing from the Klain Agency

Photo source: freepik.com When it comes to online marketing, new developments appear every day. As a marketer, it is your duty to be aware of these and apply them to achieve the desired results. The Klain team consists of specialists for each individual service, their objective being the generation of business for their clients. Valentin […]

15 things you should know about an online marketing agency

Photo source: freepik.com The marketing and promotion of products or services have gradually shifted to the online environment, leading businesses to pay more attention to digital marketing agencies. Using platforms such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and combining specialized tools for measuring, analyzing, and improving results, agencies manage to efficiently promote the products or services […]

15 marketing terms you should know if you have an online business

Photo source: freepik.com In 2023, digital marketing is necessary for any business that wants to increase its customer base, enhance its brand awareness, and maximize its profits. In the internet era, traditional marketing competes with digital marketing. Being newer, but also highly dynamic and complex, the online environment comes with its specific terminology and unique knowledge. […]

15 marketing strategies employed by Klain

Photo source: Freepik.com The field of online marketing is constantly evolving, with numerous changes occurring every year. The tools, methods and digital platforms vary depending on market conditions and the business segments they are applied to. An experienced marketing agency recognizes these aspects and develops marketing strategies based on them. With over 15 years of […]