15 things you should know about an online marketing agency

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The marketing and promotion of products or services have gradually shifted to the online environment, leading businesses to pay more attention to digital marketing agencies.

Using platforms such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and combining specialized tools for measuring, analyzing, and improving results, agencies manage to efficiently promote the products or services of a company. By consistently placing the brand in the spotlight and helping the target audience reach and interact with the desired product, an agency offers a wide range of marketing services to achieve these objectives.

Throughout the lifecycle of a business, the firm covers all its digital marketing needs, implementing and managing creative and innovative strategies to achieve the desired goals. From managing social media accounts and developing websites to running PPC campaigns, a digital marketing agency can handle it all while meeting time and quality requirements.

Furthermore, a single team can tackle multiple tasks, allowing you to save time. Due to its similarity to a well-structured and integrated mechanism, it is important to know some details about such an agency, especially if you intend to collaborate with one. Below, we present 15 things you need to know about a digital marketing agency:

  1. Classic Agency vs. Digital Marketing Agency

Unlike a traditional marketing agency, a digital marketing agency focuses its knowledge and actions on online platforms and networks. It trades newspapers for online publications and radio for YouTube, utilizing the latest digital tools to promote your business.

  1. Specialists in the art of marketing

Because a team is only as strong as each of its individual members, in a digital marketing agency you will find specialists dedicated to their field of work. Being comprised of experienced professionals with a vast knowledge and creative ideas, its departments fulfill clear and defined roles. Whether we’re talking about graphic design, content or development, the agency has specialists in each field that bring you closer to your goal.

With well-defined abilities and a diverse portfolio, these specialists are ready to conquer any challenge. By collaborating with a digital marketing agency, you have access to numerous experts from the industry that develop and manage campaigns, all in one place.

  1. Audit

One of the first things an agency does is conduct an audit. This involves an exhaustive analysis of the client’s product or service, market, competitors, and brand characteristics. This comprehensive marketing study plays a crucial role in building an integrated strategy. Once all relevant details are obtained, we can go on to the next step: the strategy.

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  1. Strategy

Developing effective campaigns requires a strategy tailored to individual needs and objectives. To ensure that it meets the client’s objectives and fits within the allocated budget, the agency will consider all necessary aspects that may determine future marketing actions.

  1. Campaigns

Once the strategy is finalized, the actual campaigns can begin. These can take various forms and can be implemented on different platforms, creativity being encouraged and recommended. From original videos to social media posts or PPC campaigns aimed at generating high profitability, these campaigns are meant to achieve the discussed vision and guide the business towards the desired results.

When you work with a digital marketing agency, you can easily follow the progress of the campaign through monthly reports that indicate each step of the process and its results.

  1. Implementation

Based on the client’s mission and vision, the digital marketing agency acts responsibly and creatively, aligning with the business needs. By applying a broad strategy and diverse campaigns, implementation is the step where marketing becomes “visible” and brings you closer to your goals. The campaigns and ideas appear now in front of the target audience and you can enjoy the results of the initial stages.

  1. Content

Within a marketing agency, there at least one person, or most likely a department, dedicated to content, regardless of its publishing medium. Content comes in many forms, including ads, social media posts, newsletters, blog posts, web page texts, and more. It will be created in a way that reflects the image of the brand, expressing the message intended and adapting it to the audience towards which it is directed.

Relevant content facilitates a natural interaction with the target group, contributing to brand awareness and sales increase. With the evolution of social media platforms from simple social networks to potential mediums for attracting new customers, publishing content on these channels has become a necessity and an opportunity that a digital marketing agency never misses.

  1. Performance

When working with a firm that offers online marketing services, it is important to inquire about their portfolio and customer feedback. A reliable business will never have anything to hide, openly and transparently discussing both the services offered and its portfolio. Visible and measurable results are a great way to learn more about the history of your future partner, and positive customer reviews are always a bonus worth considering.

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  1. Relevance and Awareness

A primary objective of a digital marketing agency is to increase the relevance of your business and its awareness in the online environment. Using suitable tools and channels, the agency can elevate your business. Through step-by-step strategy analysis, development, implementation, and optimization, you can achieve visible, measurable, and valuable results.

  1. Leads

Knowing the field and operating in it successfully, marketers will identify the most effective strategies and tactics for your company, while working to streamline them. Both the medium and the message conveyed will be directed to the right channel and audience, thus bringing in potential customers who are genuinely interested in your product or service.

Starting with traffic generation, continuing with the conversion of mere curious visitors into potential customers, and ending up with converting them into real customers, the process will be guided and enhanced by the right agency. The obtained leads will be suitable for your business, thanks to the detailed analysis of this unexplored potential.

  1. Reach

How many people viewed the desired content? Is your new campaign working? If you often ask yourself these questions, a digital marketing agency can provide clarity with reach metrics. By identifying the number of people interested in the product or service offered, the effectiveness of marketing campaigns can be evaluated and necessary improvements can be identified.

  1. SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique consisting of several elements. Primarily, it involves the optimization of various aspects of your page using keyword combinations to strategically place yourself in search engine results.

Helping to drive traffic to the desired page, SEO is a tool often used by digital marketing agencies to help you gain visibility. When a potential customer searches for a particular product or service, SEO will be there to ensure that you are among the first choices. Being at the top of the results is essential in order to generate sales, but also to get a fresh flow of customers through low online promotion costs.

  1. Real Results

Due to the variety of tools used by an agency, the results will always be prioritized and well defined. Whether we are talking about leads, online sales, views on an article or interactions with a post, the numbers will always be real and clear, leaving no room for doubt or question.

  1. KPIs

In the past, the indicators of a successful campaign were represented by the concrete response provided by a person in the target audience. But with the evolution of technology, digital marketing agency services have developed and are starting to become more and more detailed. KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are frequently used to measure the progress and success of a campaign. They can be chosen and set according to individual needs: conversion, awareness or analysis.

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  1. Monitoring

Using digital marketing tools, the monitoring of customer behavior and results becomes an accessible process. By constantly following the results and the fluctuations that may occur, the strategies and the campaigns are optimized and adapted. The monthly reports will include all these details and information, to provide the clearest and widest possible perspective on the evolution of the implemented campaigns. From the beginning to the end of the partnership, a digital marketing agency tracks the progress of the project and the set objectives.

Always discovering solutions and strategies, using statistics and harnessing creativity, digital marketing agencies provide visibility and results to all businesses that want to join the online environment. Employing a dynamic team dedicated to solving individual tasks through specific tools, they manage to implement unique and customized campaigns to achieve all the set objectives.

If you are also looking for online success, we are always open for a discussion dedicated to building an optimal digital strategy for your business.