15 online marketing lessons we learned in our 15 years as a digital marketing agency

Klain celebrates 15 years of activity, and to celebrate this achievement we want to showcase 15 lessons about online marketing that we have learned throughout this time. We spoke with Valentin Bolboacă, the manager of Klain, and we have collected the most important 15 lessons. “Over the years, we have encountered various challenges in the […]

Facebook best practices guide for entrepreneurs

Facebook has quickly become an effective marketing and promotion tool for a business, being essential in achieving the objectives related to the communication and online presence of brands. Considering the business environment, statistics show us that Facebook advertising revenue has seen a substantial increase at a worldwide level, estimated at $94.69 billion in 2021. Globally, […]

Instagram best practices guide for entrepreneurs

Photo source: freepik.com Instagram was launched in 2012 and, from the very beginning, it goal was to facilitate the distribution of visual content. Nowadays, consumers use Instagram as a source of inspiration and to discover interesting new things, including brands that have an active presence on the platform. Statistically speaking, more than 1 billion consumers […]

Digital marketing strategies that generate sales

In the current context, where a large part of our lives (both personal and professional) has become remotely operated, the digital presence of a business has become a requisite for its existence. In the online environment, change is a constant, trends evolving now at an even faster pace. Similarly, the communication channel are continuously employing […]