15 online marketing lessons we learned in our 15 years as a digital marketing agency

Klain celebrates 15 years of activity, and to celebrate this achievement we want to showcase 15 lessons about online marketing that we have learned throughout this time. We spoke with Valentin Bolboacă, the manager of Klain, and we have collected the most important 15 lessons.

“Over the years, we have encountered various challenges in the online environment. All those challenges have turned into marketing lessons that we apply on a daily basis within the agency and with our clients. It’s very important to know exactly what you aim for from the beginning. Moreover, the entire process should be clearly defined. Together with my colleagues, we brainstormed and are pleased to share with you the lessons we have learned in our 15 years of activity”, said Valentin.


  1. The vision of the entrepreneur/CEO can determine the success of a project. An incomplete vision will result in confusing marketing actions. Thus, it’s important for the that the CEO has a general image of their objectives and is able to communicate it to the marketing team. Otherwise, the results will be delayed, and achieving the desired success will be difficult.


  1. Trust is a fundamental element in business relationships. Once gained, any partnership becomes easier. On the other hand, if there is a lack of trust, the marketing performance will decrease considerably due to the lack of a complete information exchange.


  1. Strategy is the foundation of the online environment and should always be developed before the implementation. Furthermore, it should be based on a comprehensive analysis in order to establish future directions.


  1. The business objectives directly influence marketing actions. In this context, we heavily rely on SMART objectives because they are clearer and easier to track.


  1. Without clearly defined objectives, the marketing actions have a reduced impact. Conducting a marketing campaign prior to establishing the objectives is like going into a battle unarmed. It can lead significant losses of resources and money. Therefore, clear and well-defined objectives are needed to support the marketing plan.


  1. Defining KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and measuring marketing actions are fundamental for every company. If you know exactly what you aim for from the beginning and ensure the achievement of these KPIs along the way, while also measuring the results, you will easily obtain what you set out for.


  1. The marketing plan provides clarity for each action that needs to be undertaken. It serves as the starting point for any campaign, being based on a thorough analysis and a well-defined strategy. Futhermore, Moreover, it facilitates implementation and tracking.


  1. Blending the online and offline environments allows projects to achieve their objectives. Even though our focus is on digital, we have learned in our 15 years of activity that building an exclusively online brand is flat out impossible. Therefore, we always try to include the offline environment in our strategies.


  1. A team of specialists costs less than a team of generalists. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to work with different partners, understanding the importance of having people who are specialists in their field. In many cases, companies tend to hire a “jack of all trades”, but most of the time, these persons will not be able to offer maximum efficiency.


  1. Creativity starts with the entrepreneur’s openness to accept something new. Our challenge is to persuade them to overcome their reluctance to innovation and push them out of their comfort zone by embracing new challenges.


  1. Constant communication is essential. One important lesson we have learned over the years is that a company needs to communicate regardless of the time period. We often encounter businesses that allocate resources to a specific time of year based on previous productivity estimates. While this approach is not incorrect, the months outside that period should not be neglected, because maintaining a basic communication is essential for customer loyalty.


  1. Content marketing is challenging but brings long-term benefits. Often, this type of marketing is complicated by its association with direct sales, with managers expecting immediate revenue generation. However, content marketing is a strategic approach based on the creation and the distribution of valuable and relevant topics for the company. Its initial role is to capture the attention of the target audience, increase brand visibility, and subsequently to generate qualified leads. In an era of rapid changes and continuously shifting consumer preferences, creating useful content can be a challenge. Specialists are able to ensure that the content is relevant to the brand, in line with its image, and can be easily consumed by potential customers.


  1. Online marketing is not just about PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns. A common misconception is that digital marketing exclusively refers to paid campaigns. This misbelief can often be found in small companies that are unfamiliar with online marketing or in business that have primarily operated in the offline environment. Marketing encompasses more than PPC campaigns; it includes analysis, statistical data, strategy, implementation, tracking, and much more.


  1. The community always makes a difference. To achieve an annual turnover of €100.000, you either need 10.000 people who spend €10 per year for your products/services or 1.000 people that spend €100 per year for what you offer. In the face of the intense competition that offers consumers a variety of options, it is important for every company to focus on building a community. A large number of customers is not always the solution for business growth; this can be achieved by developing a strong community.


  1. The CEO and the management team are the ones who make things work. They are the face of the brand, acting as representatives for the company both online and offline, being necessary for them to convey their role. They are the voice of the company, and more than anything, they need to believe in the business and its values in order to effectively communicate them.


These are just some of the lessons that we learned over the years and that have strongly influenced our online marketing actions.

The Klain team celebrates 15 years of activity, filled with creative campaigns, successful analyses and bold strategies that form the basis of marketing plans, as well as many successful projects. Contact us and find out how we can grow your business with online presence or follow us on our  Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn accounts.