Facebook best practices guide for entrepreneurs

Facebook has quickly become an effective marketing and promotion tool for a business, being essential in achieving the objectives related to the communication and online presence of brands. Considering the business environment, statistics show us that Facebook advertising revenue has seen a substantial increase at a worldwide level, estimated at $94.69 billion in 2021.

Globally, Facebook users are increasingly more active, with the percentage of people active on the platform being 28.5% of the entire population, according to reports from January 2020. In Europe, the percentage is 47.4%, almost double compared to the worldwide one. At the end of 2020, the number of those who accessed the social network monthly was determined to be around 2.797 billion users.

Companies such as Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Samsung are in the top 5 most valuable brands worldwide in 2021, having an active Facebook account. Considering online campaigns, Google has the highest rate of revenue return, followed by Facebook with $69.66 billion.

Here are some general statistics showing that your place as an entrepreneur is on Facebook, where your customers also are present.


  1. Facebook is the 3rd most visited site worldwide. Thus, if you are just starting out, your business must be present where most of the consumers are. A Facebook page can represent your online “store”, available 24/7.


  1. Facebook has an advertising audience of 2.41 billion users. Thus, every campaign has a high potential to reach the desired audience. It is up to each specialist to set the objectives, interests and details that make the difference in the implementation of the campaign.


  1. 4% of users are between 25-34 years old. The segment is representative of companies that address young audiences active on social networks. This group can be easily targeted on Facebook and that is why a big part of the online communication goes to this social network.


  1. Users spend an average of 34 minutes a day on Facebook. This is an opportunity for you to attract the attention of potential consumers and tell them about your products or services.


  1. Approximately 80% of users access the platform only from mobile devices. Adapting to new technologies and devices has been a real challenge for all of us, which is why more and more of us are “addicted” to our phones. Thus, online messages must be short and easy to understand, adapted to mobile devices.


  1. 36% of active people get their information from Facebook. This is one more reason to be present in the online environment and keep in touch with your potential clients.


  1. 8 billion users belong to at least one group. The opportunity is yours, you can either choose to be part of a group in which you position yourself as an expert, or simply create your own group and populate it with people interested in the field in which you are active.


  1. Facebook users access an average of 12 ads per month. The interest in advertisements has grown more and more, because they are much more specific and they target exactly the customers who need the products or services provided by the brand, right at that very moment.


  1. There are over 80 billion businesses that have a Facebook page. Based on this fact we can see how important it is for a business to be present online, where consumers, potential customers and competitors all find themselves.


  1. 5% of decision makers in a company use Facebook for research. Once specialists want to adapt their marketing and communication strategy and be present where potential customers are, the most suitable place for research is exactly where they spend their time, namely social media platforms.


  1. 2 out of 3 users access a business page at least once a week. Users resort to such activities to keep up to date with information provided by businesses or learn more about them.


  1. A business page shares an average of 1.55 posts per day. It is recommended to post the most relevant information on the business page, but overloading the users can be a mistake. Identifying a middle ground is thus ideal, and that means setting an itinerary with scheduled posts and leaving room for last-minute, urgent or important information.


  1. 15% of Facebook content is in video form. The emphasis on video is increasing, as businesses are adapting to this new direction and developing video content, which is more interactive and interesting for users.


  1. 500 million users use Facebook Stories in their communication. The focus is increasingly growing around real-time presence on these platforms, which is why users often make use of content that can only be watched for 24 hours.


In order to facilitate a smooth integration of your business in the online environment, we developed a Facebook best practices guide for every entrepreneur, so that your entire communication is in line with the business values.


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