LinkedIn best practices guide for entrepreneurs

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LinkedIn is the main platform for businesses and professional interaction, its purpose being to facilitate the interaction between companies. In addition, it is the place where users find suitable jobs, create professional relationships, and contribute to the acquisition of new knowledge. The platform was launched in 2003 by Reid Hoffman with the same main goals.

At the beginning of 2021, LinkedIn had more than 727 million active users, representing a potential audience for marketing campaigns of 13% of the total population. Unlike other social media platforms, the most active segment in LinkedIn is represented by men, with a percentage of 56.9%, representing mainly young people aged between 25-34 years.

By referring to the top companies within the platform, we can make a classification according to their number of followers. Thus, on the first place we find Google (14.9 million), followed by Amazon (10.8 million), Linkedin (10 million), Microsoft (9.2 million), Apple (8.8 million), Unilever (8.1 million), Nestle (8 million), IBM (7.5 million), Facebook (5 million) and Accenture (4.8 million). As for the annual advertising revenues, these exceeded 3 billion dollars in 2021.

In Romania, 20.9% of the working population has a LinkedIn account, meaning 9.5% of the entire population. In terms of specializations, the top 3 consist of operators, engineers and IT workers. As for the most followed companies, Continental, Oracle and Vodafone occupy the first three places.

LinkedIn is an established market for businesses, which is why it is exactly where you need to be present. In addition, as an entrepreneur, LinkedIn is the right place to create professional connections, identify new opportunities, and discover new information. To further prove its importance on a business level, we have prepared some statistics about the user activity that show why this is the place where you also need to be active.


  1. LinkedIn has over 722 million members;


  1. In 2023, LinkedIn turned 20 years old. The platform existed on the market even before Facebook, being launched on May 5, 2003, and thus, at the moment, it is one of the oldest social networks;


  1. 57% of the traffic generated on the platform comes from mobile devices, using the phone app;


  1. In 2020 we witnessed a large increase of connections between LinkedIn users, valued at 55%. Generally, the lack of physical interaction facilitated the development of online connections;


  1. 1 out of 3 professionals on the planet has a LinkedIn account. The numbers are constantly growing, thanks to the features that the platform makes available to its users;


  1. LinkedIn hosts over 55 million business profiles. This detail is also crucial from the perspective that LinkedIn is a platform intended to facilitate connections and interactions between business environments.


  1. 80% of the companies in the B2B segment run promotional campaigns in LinkedIn. LinkedIn targets the business segment, which is why more than half of organizations are active on the platform and run paid campaigns that target a specific audience;


  1. LinkedIn Ads offer more than 200 targeting features. Thus, there are a lot of ways to reach the targeted audience within the campaign;


  1. A post promoted on LinkedIn can reach up to 13% of the entire populatio Even if at first glance it seems like a relatively low percentage, we must take into account the fact that LinkedIn addresses a different segment, focused primarily on the business side;


  1. Paid campaigns on LinkedIn can help increase purchase intent by up to 33%. The more a consumer interacts with your product or service, the more likely he is to purchase it due to increased exposure;


  1. Every week, 40 million LinkedIn users are looking for a job. Even if they often do not apply for jobs, they always want to be informed and up-to-date with new developments in their field of work;


  1. 3 people are employed every minute through LinkedIn. In terms of attracting employees, there are two well-known practices: direct contact from the company or application of users for an open job;


  1. The number of remote job offers increased 2.5 times in March 2021 compared to the end of 2020;


  1. 4 out of 5 people on LinkedIn are involved in making decisions regarding their personal business or the company they belong to;


Next, we developed a guide that encompasses the best practices in LinkedIn, useful for any entrepreneur in order to create a personal profile in line with the company’s values ​​and principles.


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