Facebook best practices guide for entrepreneurs

Facebook has quickly become an effective marketing and promotion tool for a business, being essential in achieving the objectives related to the communication and online presence of brands. Considering the business environment, statistics show us that Facebook advertising revenue has seen a substantial increase at a worldwide level, estimated at $94.69 billion in 2021. Globally, […]

Guide for writing the meta tags of an online shop

Photo source: shutterstock.com If they are not drafted properly, meta tags can make the difference between a click on your website from a potential customer and a lost one that goes to your competition. What are Meta Tags? Meta tags are HTML elements inserted in the website code, that are intended to provide relevant information. […]

Instagram best practices guide for entrepreneurs

Photo source: freepik.com Instagram was launched in 2012 and, from the very beginning, it goal was to facilitate the distribution of visual content. Nowadays, consumers use Instagram as a source of inspiration and to discover interesting new things, including brands that have an active presence on the platform. Statistically speaking, more than 1 billion consumers […]

LinkedIn best practices guide for entrepreneurs

Photo source: freepik.com LinkedIn is the main platform for businesses and professional interaction, its purpose being to facilitate the interaction between companies. In addition, it is the place where users find suitable jobs, create professional relationships, and contribute to the acquisition of new knowledge. The platform was launched in 2003 by Reid Hoffman with the […]