Hotel Lucy Star

Services: Online Marketing, Web Development

The project consisted mainly in the restoration of the website for the Lucy Star Hotel in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, on a platform that can be adapted to all mobile terminals. Moreover, we aimed to meet the specific needs of a hotel service for the Romanian market, but also the foreign one, the site being available in 3 languages.

The website is built in WordPress on a full-width wireframe, being adaptable on most mobile and desktop terminals, structured based on a layout through which we aimed to highlight the potential of the location and its benefits.

The website includes sections specific to the hospitality industry, through which we wanted to emphasize the transparency of the services, as well as their quality. For example, the rooms are structured individually, each room being presented in accordance to its benefits.

In order to meet the needs of the client, the site has a booking form, translated into each of the 3 languages, which allows you to book a room as easily as possible.

The site also contains a section called “Promotions” through which the customer can add regular offers such as discounts.

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