Cazare Cluj-Napoca

Services: Branding, Digital Strategy, Online Marketing, PPC Campaigns, SEO, Web Development is the first InHouse project that was established in 2007 and our first entry in the world of local tourist portals. is the platform that helps you search for the best accommodation deals. Here you can find the available offers in Cluj and its surroundings, the platform benefiting from diversity and complete transparency in terms of prices, facilities and options.

The site incorporates a 100% custom made back-end admin, which goes hand in hand with the administration tools that we offer to our clients for the management of their accommodation units.

Over the years, the site has undergone numerous optimizations such as: search engine improvement, pages redesign and new sections creation, such as tourist attractions.

Regarding the search engine optimization, the website maintains its position in the top 3 results for the most relevant keywords in its market since 2008.

Nevertheless, in 2013 we felt that the site needed a new frontend. As such, we took the direction of rebuilding it.

Along with all the improvements made over the years, we have integrated a blog section that contains relevant articles regarding the hospitality market in the region.

In 2019, a well-deserved upgrade was made both in terms of design and regarding new features. All this combines to give users a pleasant and accessible online experience from any device.








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