Tip Top Wash

Servicii: Branding, PPC Campaigns, SEO, Web Development

Tip Top Wash is one of the oldest car wash service in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania. Founded in 2003, it has been able to meet the demands of its customers, maintaining itself in a state of constant development, thus managing to thrive on the market thanks to its unique services. In addition to the investments made in equipment and staff training, Tip Top wanted to add more value to its customers. Therefore, in 2015, they introduced an online car wash box booking system, developed by our team.

In addition to the consultancy services provided, we implemented the website and developed an easy-to-use system for the admin and the client. The architecture of the site allows an easy navigation, at the same highlighting the quality of the services.

For the whole rebranding process, we contributed with the website implementation and the creation of a responsive design. We also offered SEO services for better search engine rankings.


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