fab method

The FAB Marketing Method

The FAB (Features – Advantages – Benefits) technique is a popular mechanism in sales, having applications in multiple other related fields. Regardless of the industry we are referring to, the FAB method should be taking into consideration while establishing our first contact with the clients.

One of the main reasons why consumers choose to buy a specific product or service is their benefits. Depending on the role we have in a company, we are likely to see a different product than our colleagues. A technician focuses his attention on the features of a product, the marketing person emphasizes its advantages, but its benefits are the most significant and important for the customer.

In order to use this method in our field, it’s necessary to clearly understand its characteristics:

  • These refer to the characteristics of the services, answering the simple question: ”what is the service”;
  • They entail the specific values obtained by using the product, that give their potential to satisfy the customer needs;
  • In general, the features raise various objections, thus it’s recommended that they are mentioned at the end of the description and/or discussion.
  • The advantages are easier to identify, mainly because they start with an expression similar to “thanks to this product you can…” or “Your advantage is that…”;
  • As long as the customer is aware of them, the advantages generate a major impact at the beginning, but this decreases as the sale process progresses (the customer begins is focused earlier on advantages and benefits, then moves its interest to features).
  • They refer to the physical properties of the products;
  • They are most easily remembered by the customer;
  • These are the strongest messages that relate to offer of the products/services;
  • They have a high impact during the sale process, being imprinted easily in the mind of the customer;
  • Most often, they are the main reason for the buying decision.

We must keep in mind that we don’t always have to follow the FAB method in this exact order. We are constantly addressing different types of customers and that’s why the technique can be used in different forms.

  1. FBA (Features – Benefits – Advantages): it’s the standard method for a product presentation, starting with its features and ending with its advantages. It best fits the technical profile, which entails a large number of features and has a deep understanding of the product intended to be purchased, but it differs depending on the market field.

Example: Promoting a music event

The ”X” event, now in its 4th edition in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, returns with a new edition for music enthusiasts. It will take place between November 14-15, at the Romanian National Opera.

The event organizers, ”MusicX”, chose as their main theme the 70’s music. The participants will be selected after the eliminatory stages by well-know artists. You can be a part of the event with only 100 lei, and the ticket includes the entry to both days, a CD with 70’s music and refreshments.

Take the opportunity to expand your musical knowledge and support new talents.


2. ABF (Advantages – Benefits – Features): marketers are the ones who often turn to this method, because more often than not their main focus are the advantages of a product/service.

Example: Clothing article

Wedding dress Model M14.18

Collection: Dreams

Shine in the new Maya Fashion collection! Choose a spectacular mermaid wedding dress, with a low-rise arched skirt that creates a slender figure and meets a long-sleeved bodice dominated by illusions, enhancing sensuality.

The V shaped neckline is combined with a wonderful back with crystal tulle and lace applications with floral motifs. For a harmonious contrast, the train of the dress, an explosion of fine tulle, can be rolled to provide extra comfort to the future bride.


Type: Mermaid

Style: Bohemian

Size: Made to order

Neckline style: V shaped

Sleeve style: Long

Model: Embroidery

Length: Maxi

Material: Lace, tulle

Color: Ivory


3. BAF (Benefits – Advantages – Features): this is the way that most customers expect to be introduced to the product or the service they are about to purchase. Usually for them, the most important are the benefits, because they are the main reason for their purchase decision.

Example: Food products

Product name: Fried Spicy Chicken SY 140g instant noodles

Country: South Coreea

Description: Fried Spicy Chicken Noodle 140g – Chicken dish with noodles 140g

These instant noodles are the perfect choice for a quick, delicious meal. Fried Spicy Chicken was launched Samyang in 2012, being one of the most spicy noodle experience in South Korea.

Due to their very spicy taste, the product started a challenge around the world, various people competing in order to determine which of them could eat the entire portion in the shortest amount of time. The delicious chicken taste and the strong spiciness make a perfect pair, especially for those who dare to taste some of the most spicy noodles in South Korea.

Packaging: 140g

Preparation: Put 500ml of water on the fire. When the water starts to boil, add the noodles. Boil for about 5 minutes, then drain the water (leaving about 6 tablespoons of the water in which they boiled) and add the sauce and the sachet with spices. You can also add mozzarella, sausages, green onions or eggs. Serve hot.


  1. Noodles: wheat flour, cornstarch, palm oil, gluten, salt, onion extract, guar gum, vitamin B2, citric acid, extract, green tea powder.
  2. Spices: soy sauce, sugar, Spices: soy sauce, sugar, chicken extract, chicken flavored powder, soybean oil, onion powder, pepper, chili, garlic, tomatoes, starch, paprika extract, chopped peppers, curry, fried sesame, fried seaweed.

Warning: extremely spicy!

Allergens: Wheat, wheat gluten, soy, sesame.

Nutritional information: (per 100 gr of product)

Energy value: 1742 kJ / 417kcal

Total fat: 12.5 g

– of which saturated: 6.7 g

Total carbohydrates: 65.8 g

– of which sugars: 3.3 g

Protein: 10 g

Salt: 3.9 g

0.145 kg

Either from a technical, marketing, or sales perspective, we should take into consideration the FAB technique and put in front of the customers as many features, advantages and benefits of our products/services. By providing more information to our customers, we gain their trust and we provide them with more reasons to choose our products.

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