Marketing for grandparents: marketing made easy

Photo source: I think I will never forget the moment when my grandfather, like any other retired grandad with the fruits of his labor already gathered from the garden, got angry every time his favorite bedtime show was interrupted by a commercial: “What’s with all the ads? These guys only advertise products that don’t […]

Factors that affect your marketing performance

Photo source: Considering our past articles, where we defined the meaning of marketing performance and the different ways of creating marketing strategies that perform well, it would be now useful to discuss the factors that can affect your marketing performance. Thus, the main points that we consider when we talk about high-performing campaigns and […]

Short-term versus long-term marketing strategy

Photo Source: Working with companies that operate in a variety of industries, we have the opportunity to interact with different people. However, they all have one thing in common, namely their desire to generate business and to perform exceptionally well in everything they do. To obtain the wanted results, a vital element should be […]

The FAB Marketing Method

fab method

The FAB (Features – Advantages – Benefits) technique is a popular mechanism in sales, having applications in multiple other related fields. Regardless of the industry we are referring to, the FAB method should be taking into consideration while establishing our first contact with the clients. One of the main reasons why consumers choose to buy […]

Developing successful marketing strategies

marketing strategy

We all strive to create long-term successful marketing strategies, that offer the best possible results, while, at the same time, take a minimum amount of effort. Before talking about the steps of a successful strategy, it’s important to define what a marketing strategy is and how to develop it. The marketing strategy represents an action […]