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When it comes to sales campaigns for your online store, it’s important to know their type and how to implement them. Some of them usually require the expertise of a marketing specialist, but others can be launched by you.

Among the sales campaigns that we carried out for our customers there are some that might inspire you and help you reach your goals. Let’s discuss some of them.

  1. PPC campaigns

Pay-per-click campaigns are the most widespread sales generation tools, because they target people who are actively looking for the products you sell through the search engines. Their particularity is displaying the ad related to your product/service as a paid result, right before the eyes of the customer interested in it.

PPC campaigns produce significant results when combined with remarketing campaigns.


  1. Content marketing campaigns

If you aim for the long term, content marketing campaigns are a viable solution. They can be done on your website through blog posts about topics of interest for your target audience, that is looking for specific details about your products or services.

In many cases, this type of campaign has been proven to be much more profitable in the long run.


  1. Lead generation campaigns

Generally, these are the campaigns where you offer something free in exchange for your potential customer’s contact details. This can include: vouchers, online guides, access to webinars, access to online courses or even small gifts/test products for a limited number of people.


After you have obtained their data, it is advisable to continue communicating with the prospective customers and constantly provide them with content via email in order to keep them close to your brand. From time to time, you can also offer them different discounts.


  1. SEO campaigns

They are similar to the content marketing campaigns carried out on your website, the main difference being that they are directed at external sites that publish content dedicated to your target audience. In general, the goal is to obtain relevant links and traffic to your site through articles of interest to your target audience.

Optimizing your website from a SEO point of view also falls into this category. Here, we can mention the flow through which a user goes from the first visit to an actual order, the content of the website, the meta descriptions or the loading times.


  1. Influencer campaigns

These campaigns are frequently used by big brands due to the brand awareness they provide and the sales they can generate. It is important to choose the right influencers for your target audience and the products you are selling, as not all campaigns of this type are guaranteeing your success.


  1. Thematic campaigns

Thematic campaigns are linked to a specific calendar dates or time periods, such as: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day, Easter, Spring, Children’s Day, Back-to-school or Black Friday. Thus, they can be carried out both on a certain day and over a longer period of time, depending on their particularities.


  1. One-off campaigns

One-off campaigns require a greater dose of creativity, as they often involve multiple types of promotions. They can be adapted to any context and can have a variable duration, from 1-2 days to a few hours.

There are multiple examples, such as: on 11.11.21 all products benefit from a 11% discount, between 18:00 and 24:00 a category of products have free shipping, a certain order threshold is accompanied by a gift product or once a month shipping is free for all products (free shipping day).


  1. Current campaigns

The so-called “moment campaigns” are related to a popular topic, which can be adapted to your store and can increase its sales. For example, when SpaceX launched the first ship to the International Space Station, different companies used this event as a hook for attention, “launching” in turn different discounts, adapted to the topic at hand.


  1. Customer loyalty campaigns

Do not forget the clients with whom you have already developed a collaboration! They can be the ones who constantly order from you and that can be turned into unofficial brand ambassadors, sharing its benefits with other people.

Loyalty campaigns can be based on different benefits, such as: points, free returns, free shipping, discounts when reaching an annual shopping threshold or gifts.


  1. CSR campaigns

CSR campaigns establish the image of your business and show that your interest is not only towards customers (and, by default, towards profit), but also towards society in general. There are many examples of such campaigns: 10% of the value of purchases can be donated to a noble cause, different products can be given for free to NGOs, or a certain amount of money can be donated directly to various organizations.


If at the end of this article you are left with at least one idea that you want to apply to generate more sales with your online store, we recommend that you download the guide: Strategies and campaigns to increase sales for online stores.


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