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The importance of unique and relevant content

In the digital age, it’s increasingly difficult to develop relevant content that is SEO friendly, in order to appease both your readers and search engines. As most companies and publications have moved their communication to the online environment, a competition for relevant keywords started between content creators. For this reason, many texts are developed around them, and most often than not relevance is lost between the lines. At the same time, readers began to look for more specific and unique information that would meet their own needs and contain a personal touch from the authors.

When you start writing a text or an article you have to think from two perspectives:

  1. What does the search engine value?
  2. What does the reader value?

If you can satisfy both parties, then your content should be a hit. And for this purpose you have to find a balance that pleases everyone.


Search engines ”love” unique content, i.e. content that isn’t duplicated or copied. Plagiarism is completely excluded from any form of writing and shows a lack of interest in the readers of the site. If you satisfy the conditions of the search engines, they will ”reward” you with a better positioning. This also means that more readers will reach your content and, implicitly, your website. Insert relevant keywords both in the titles and in the body of the text, but be careful not to overuse them.


Think of it this way. If you only had 5 minutes to convince your potential customer to buy from you, what would you tell them? Now, put everything in a clear and concise text, but not just for sale. In order to attract a customer, you must provide them with all the necessary information and show them the usefulness of your product or service. Remember, people often search the internet before they buy something, which in marketing terms is defined as the Zero Moment of Truth, the exact moment when you should “catch” a sale.


Readers will be loyal to you as long as you provide them with the information that satisfies their knowledge needs. Unique and relevant content will develop your growth. As long as you give them what they need, they will come back to you and, more than that, they will share your content. Their active involvement will bring you even more readers and will push your site in the first results of the search engines.


Surely, you don’t want your site to be known for duplicate or plagiarized content. The short moment of recognition that this content can provide you does not extend to any long-term benefits. More than that, you risk never being taken seriously again. Focus on unique and relevant content from the beginning and stay consistent.

It’s not hard to deliver unique content, especially if you have an extensive knowledge of the field you’re writing about. Although it’s impossible to read the minds of your readers, you can at least give them something they need and appreciate. Always write with the user in mind and avoid plagiarizing. And last but not least, don’t forget to proofread your texts and deliver them without mistakes.