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Bjorn is a manufacturer of intelligent underfloor heating system. It offers an innovative solution that replaces the standard heating systems with one that you can
install it yourself. Through 3 simple steps, you avoid other procedures that require additional money and time resources. Moreover, Bjorn’s solution is compatible with any heat source.

In the analysis phase, we identified the online market requirements and we created the customer’s avatar that is open to take the step towards an intelligent underfloor heating solution.

At the same time, we aimed to identify a solution for educating the market and promoting the product. The brand did not have an active online presence, being relatively unknown at the beginning of our collaboration.

Based on the analysis and the client needs, a marketing plan was developed and implemented. Initially, there was no defined strategy for business growth. Therefore, along with the need for an online presence came the need for education, but also for generating new customers.



In order to immediately generate business for our client, we chose to implement a landing page to which we sent the targeted traffic obtained from the campaigns. In addition to generating sales and creating a database, we aimed to educate potential customers about the advantages and benefits of the Bjorn system.

One of the main objectives was to create a website calculator that can be used by consumers to compare standard underfloor heating systems with the Bjorn solution, thus balancing both the price and the materials needed for their installation. In addition to this, the website was developed as a shop for users to order the underfloor heating system.

The marketing strategy also included influencer marketing campaigns. Together with local influencers such as “Case Bune” and “Buhnici”, we demonstrated the implementation of the Bjorn solution for a house and for the restoration of a building. At the same time, we offered online communication recommendations and PPC strategies.


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