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Klain – nominated for “Most Reviewed B2B Companies for 2021”

We were pleasantly surprised when, on a chilly October morning, we received the news from our colleagues that we were nominated for Most Reviewed B2B Companies for 2021. Among the categories we are above the line are some of the services we offer within the agency. This ranking integrates companies that offer business-to-business services in Romania based on the feedback provided by Clutch users.

Along with other colleagues in the industry, we found ourselves in the top positions for services such as:

1. Digital Strategy

We count on the importance of developing a digital strategy that encompasses the communication portion, as it is fundamental for the brand vision and for achieving the proposed objectives. Starting from the central mission of the brand, a well-defined digital strategy facilitates the interactions between the company and consumers. Moreover, it can be used to optimize costs and budgets, according to the evolution of the market and the behaviour of the target group.


2. Inbound Marketing

By Inbound Marketing we mean all the free traffic brought to the company’s website or dedicated social networks. When it comes to the online presence of our clients, we aim for an articulate and unitary communication. In our strategy we include content marketing, copywriting, PR & media, SEO, and social media services. Furthermore, we recognize the importance of relevant communication at the website level, as it must relay the features, advantages and benefits of each field. We also give special attention to the blog, because that is another source of information for customers, about products or services that they are interested in.


3. PPC (Pay-per-click)

PPC campaigns generate a high profitability, the main benefits being the specific targeting according to the needs of the potential customer and the individual payment that is made in line with the chosen strategy. We implement efficient campaigns on Google Ads and Facebook Ads which help our client achieve their main objectives.


4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The main goal of SEO services is to enhance the site in various search engines, thus increasing the organic traffic and improving the user experience. Furthermore, we team up with business magazines as well as publications that are targeting the desired customer profiles and their business activities.


5. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

In a digitalized world, the presence of a business on social networks is vital for its success, this environment being one of the sources that can generate customers. Social media platforms facilitate the communication between the company and its customers, contributing to the development of an active interaction between the parties. We develop customized business pages, according to the needs of our clients and their area on interest.


“Most Reviewed B2B Companies for 2021” is organized by The Manifest, serving as a database of the most recommended B2B companies. The ranking is drafted annually, taking into account only the results of the last months of activity of the current year.

We are honoured to be included in this year’s ranking and we aim to secure our place next year by continuously improving the quality of our services. Until the next ranking, we invite you to team up in order to cover the online needs of your business. We promise quality services, professionalism and the best coffee (which we can drink together in productive meetings).