performance marketing

Defining Performance Marketing

Defining the concept of performance marketing has become necessary with the swift evolution of market and customer requirements. However, before explaining the performance in marketing, we identify a need to measure results. We are unable to say if a campaign was successful without establishing from the start the goal we want to reach and the ways of doing that.

Here are the steps we need to follow in order to develop successful marketing campaigns:

  • Establishing the goals of the campaign: if we begin by setting our main objective for an individual campaign and establish what we want to achieve through it, it will be much easier for us to also reach a conclusion;
  • Measuring results: if the goals we set at the beginning are SMART, we’re gonna have less difficulties in measuring their results;
  • Real-time adaptability: depending on their performance indicators, it’s possible to make real-time changes, thus making results as favorable as possible;
  • Payment by results: the main advantages of performance marketing is that you only pay by for the results. This way, you avoid wasting any money and you know exactly how and where they are invested.

All of the above are directly influenced by factors that add to the increased performance. Thus, we will list some key benefits of performance marketing:

  • Transparency: the measurement of the campaign results provides complete transparency to clients, offering a platform for making smart decisions in the future;
  • Collaboration: in most cases, building a partnership adds value to the campaigns and helps increase the performance of their results;
  • The full value of actions: the online environment allows us to expand our campaigns in order to get the results we want. Thus, if we only follow the data provided by the advertising mediums, we risk ignoring factors that played a part in the increase of performance. Therefore, we must have an overview of our actions and take into account each result;
  • Real-time optimization: the probability of achieving results by real-time optimization of a campaign is much higher compared to one for which we only set up the necessary actions at the beginning.

To convince you how important the mechanism of performance marketing is, we’ll mention the steps that we, as a digital marketing agency, follow for our clients:

  1. SMART objectives: We play a part in the development of your business by combining creativity and the focus on results. Furthermore, we set up the main goal of the campaigns and their secondary objectives, thus achieving measurable and relevant results;
  2. Marketing strategy: We communicate openly with our clients, offering them advice during our entire collaboration. Moreover, we support many brands in overcoming the gap between the orderly world of data and the chaotic world of human behavior. We identify opportunities and develop strategies that lead to business growth.
  3. Implementation: We develop personalized marketing campaigns based on the business needs, we pursue professional development in order to continuously improve the quality of our serves and we consider every backstep as a development opportunity.
  4. Monitoring: We analyze the results of our development strategies and optimize them according to the main goal.

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