The importance of unique and relevant content

online content

In the digital age, it’s increasingly difficult to develop relevant content that is SEO friendly, in order to appease both your readers and search engines. As most companies and publications have moved their communication to the online environment, a competition for relevant keywords started between content creators. For this reason, many texts are developed around […]

How to measure the results and effectiveness of an online marketing campaign?

campaign data

If you don’t measure, you won’t know what to optimize. In other words, the success of a digital marketing campaign relies on measuring the results and testing different ways of advertising, until reaching the one that brings you the optimal results. The online environment offers us a variety of tools through which we can monitor […]

The Power of Storytelling in Branding


The best writers, speakers, trainers, leaders and teachers know how to tell stories. A brand that stands out is easier remembered by the public and easier to access mentally, compared to others in the same category. Thus, over time, it manages to create a connection with potential buyers, which directly contributes to a powerful position […]