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10 Marketing Campaigns That Will Boost Your Sales

When we’re talking about sales-focused campaigns for your online store, it’s important to discuss their type and how to implement them. Some of them will require the expertise of a marketing specialist, others you can try for yourself.

Below you can find some sales campaigns that can inspire you and that we carried out for our customers. Let’s begin!


  1. PPC Campaigns

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns are one of the most common tools for generating sales, because they are targeted at those who are actively looking for the products you sell, with the help of the search engines. Their particularity stands in the fact that they are displayed in front of the customer as a paid result of your product/service ad.

PPC campaigns produce the best results when combined with remarketing campaigns.


  1. Content Marketing Campaigns (on your website)

If you are looking for long-term online sales, content marketing campaigns are a viable solution. They can take the form of blog articles, developing topics of interest for your audience that is searching for more information about your product/service.

In many cases, this type of campaign has proven to be more cost-effective in the long run.


  1. Lead Campaigns

As a general rule, the model of these is pretty simple: you offer something for free in exchange for contact details. This can include, but is not limited to: discount vouchers, online guides, access to webinars, access to online courses or even small gifts/test products for a limited number of people.

After you have obtained their information, it’s recommended to continue interacting with the users and continuously offer them new content in order to develop their loyalty to your brand. Now and again, you can apply other various discounts.


  1. SEO Campaigns

They are similar to the content marketing campaigns that you carry on your website, the main difference being the fact that they are directed to external sites that publish relevant content for your target audience. Generally, the main goal of SEO campaigns is obtaining suitable links and website traffic through articles that address topics of interest for your audience.

This category also includes the optimization of your site from an SEO perspective. Here we can mention the user-flow (from the first access to the final order), the site content, metas and loading times.


  1. Influencer Campaigns

These types of campaigns are used often by major brands, due to their quality of attracting awareness and generating sales. It’s important to choose the right influencers for the products you sell and for the target audience that they are dedicated to, because the success of influencer campaigns depends on these factors.


  1. Thematic Campaigns

The thematic campaigns are associated with a certain date or period, such as: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Spring Season, Thanksgiving, Back-to-School or Black Friday. Thus, they can be carried out on a specific day or over a longer period of time, depending on their particularity.


  1. Occasional Campaigns

The occasional (recurrent) campaigns require a higher creative output, often involving multiple types of promotion. They can be adapted to any context and can vary in duration, from 1-2 days to several hours.

We can find multiple examples: on 11.11.21 all products are discounted by 11%, between 18:00 and 24:00 a category of products has free shipping, a gift product is added after a certain order value or once a month shipping is free for all products (free shipping day).


  1. Topical Campaigns

The so-called topical (trendy) campaigns are related to popular topics, which can be adapted to your online store and can increase its sales. As an example, when SpaceX launched the Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station, various brands used this even as a hook to “launch” various discounts, tailored to the subject.


  1. Retention Campaigns

Don’t forget the clients with whom you have already developed a partnership! They can be the ones who regularly order from you and who can become ambassadors of your brand, conveying its advantages to other people.

Loyalty campaigns can be based on various benefits, such as: points collected, returns without commission, free shipping, discounts on annual shopping thresholds or small gifts included in the packages for the products already ordered.


  1. CSR Campaigns

The CSR campaigns can drastically improve the image of your business and show that your interest is not limited to acquiring customers (and, implicitly, racking up profit), but is also directed towards improving the society. There are numerous examples of such campaigns: donating 10% of the value of all purchases towards noble causes, offering various products for free to NGOs or gifting certain amounts of money to various organizations.